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Being that I was unable to reach the summit of Aconcagua, I intend to return for the 20/21 season. I will be using the knowledge and experience I have acquired from this past attempt to do things slightly different this time around, in hope that I am able to make my next attempt successful.

In 2020, I intend to head over to Washington in the US to climb Mount Rainier. Mount Rainier sits at an altitude of 4,392m and is a relatively short climb, however, it is the perfect training ground to practice skills and prepare for the more technical winter peaks like Denali.

After the completion of Mount Rainier and Aconcagua, I would like to continue on to attempt the remaining three peaks of the Seven Summits Mount Vinson, Denali and Mount Everest, according to the Bass List. There are a number of different versions of the Seven Summits including the Messner List which considers Puncak Jaya in Indonesia to be the highest peak in Australasia and the Hackett version which does not recognise Elbrus as the highest mountain in Europe (although this is widely disputed). In my opinion, the Bass List is the original version and what seems to me as the truest. As these remaining climbs can be quite costly, it will be funding dependent. Denali is a mountain that I would aim to do after after Rainier and is certainly one that I can self fund, however Vinson and Everest both come at quite exorbitant costs.


I am not using any of the donations that are raised for ACRF towards paying for any of my trips and any donations paid via the MyCause site go directly to ACRF. I am however, seeking partnerships and sponsorships with companies who may be interested in working with me to help achieve this goal and raise as much funding as we can, together.