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Thanks, but no tanks.

Updated: Apr 15

On May 24th I headed down to Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast to participate in my local “Empty the Tanks” rally. Empty The Tanks is a worldwide peaceful protest against the capture, captivity and exploitation of marine mammals. It began as an idea one girl had after participating in a volunteer program in Taiji, Japan, where the annual capture and slaughter of Dolphins occurs. If you’re interested in learning more about this have a watch of the documentary “The Cove” which exposes this brutal hunt. The full move can be seen on YouTube;


Every year, Sea Shepherd volunteers, who call themselves the “Cove Guardians” travel to Japan at their own risk, to monitor and expose the dark secrets of this small Japanese village for the world to see, in hope that if enough noise is made, it can be brought to a grinding halt. To learn more about the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians, or to become a volunteer, follow this link;


2013 saw the release of the documentary “Blackfish” which broke hearts all across the globe. It tells the story of numerous Orcas that have been captured, born and bred in marine parks around the world and focusses on one in particular, Tilikum, who was responsible for the death of three marine park employees, including SeaWorld’s Dawn Bradshaw.

The trailer can be found here: http://blackfishmovie.com/

Thanks to Blackfish, more and more people are realising just how cruel places like SeaWorld are, treating these highly intelligent and social creatures incredibly inhumanely, and are turning their backs on the parks (thankfully). But there is still more work to be done..

During the Empty the Tanks rally, it was incredible to be present amongst like-minded people who are firm in their beliefs, that marine life (and in my opinion, all animals alike) should not be held in captivity and exploited for our entertainment.

“It is a day which allows a global collective of concerned individuals to shine light on the real story of captivity and the disturbing secrets these organisations work so hard to protect, particularly when their jobs and careers depend on keeping the current business model intact for as long as they can.”  (Empty The Tanks Facebook)

To find out more information visit http://www.emptythetanksworldwide.com 

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